How can I unblock an application okayed as ISOLATED?


I did a mistake and okayed isolated to one of the tab windows of Firefox, now every download from that webpage is being blocked. (:SAD)

Could you tell me how to reset this, and unblock this application (or web page)?


Was is a D+ pop up or a firewall pop up?

The file is a torrent the download button of website normally downloads it and start open with uTorrent. Instead a Download pop up shows saying that torrent file could not be opened and suggest to download it to disk before trying to open it.

Hey there

I was just trying to unblock an isolated application myself, except I accidentally isolated explorer, which meant I was pretty much unable to do anything.

So first off, to fix the isolated application, go to Defense+ and then to ‘Advanced’ on the left hand side and finally ‘Computer Security Policy’ in there. This will show you a listing of all your settings and you can change the setting on the isolated application that you need to fix… not sure if this will work with your browser problem, but in general, this is where to find it.

Secondly, in my case, I wasn’t able to launch programs anymore from Start → Programs and when I restarted the computer the firewall didn’t even launch anymore. So what to do is go and start a command line via the run window and the command cmd (or using task manager (i.e. ctrl/alt/dlt) and file → new task and type cmd) and navigate to C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall and type ‘cfp.exe’. This will launch the firewall for you and then you can follow the steps in the above paragraph to no longer make explorer an isolated application.

Sorry, if I’m stating the obvious but I’m hoping this will help another incompetent like myself in the future.


Thanks very much, it helped me a lot.