How can i tweak my pc for more security???

plz tell me if there’s any way i can tweak my pc to get more security…
…and yes i have NOD-32 and comodo v3 installed…


Hi ashu

Do u wish to tweak your pc to improve RAM?


Greetings Ashu,

I guess you by the title means how you can gain more security.
Here’s some program to increase your security:

Spyware prevention:

SpywareBlaster® | Prevent spyware and malware. Free download. - SpywareBlaster

System hardening tools: - Harden-it - Secure-it - Safe XP

Security & Privacy Complete download | - Security and Privacy Complete

I hope that’s what you were looking for.


thanx ragwing… (:HUG)


yes i’d like to do that also…


Only way to improve RAM is to buy some more, no software can improve RAM :wink:
In most cases it’ll only slow down your ocmputer…


Oh no. Not that RAM issue again :P. Like Ragwing stated above, there is no substitution for physical RAM installed.

Since this board is really not supposed to discuss other products, I’ll try to limit my suggestions as much as possible specifically on settings that you can handle within Windows:

If you have XP there are some goodies here I followed:

Disabled unwanted services - that’s one of the easiest places to start.

If your pc is not networked and you don’t mind uninstalling netbios, see my screenshots. That’s all I have in both my NIC and ISP connections. If you click the Properties button after selecting the IP (TCP/IP) entry that’s what the 2nd screenshot refers to. Disable the Enable LMHOSTS lookup option and select Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP. Do the same all applicable connections.

This is a little tool I activated from a while ago: - This website is for sale! - firewallleaktester Resources and Information.

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Hi ashu

Ragwing is correct, the best way to improve is to purchase more…I suggest, if you are not using it already, is to use the FireFox browser, fast, safer and has a huge array of addons.

and to make FF safer use No-script…NoScript Security Suite – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

There are many other addons that can be used to “tighten up” your system.

Hope this helps

Thanx all… :wink:

Thanx for the suggestion m8 but i’ve already got firefox installed with “no-script” … (:WIN)


Hmm, Ragwing, I went to the “secure-it” site, and tried their test for exploits. It didn’t open a dos window like they said it would if my system was vulnerable. Guess that means I’m not… to that one, anyway! ;D

Hey, ashu, if you register on TechRepublic they have a wealth of information about securing your system, all for free. Lists of services (such as Soya linked) that can be disabled (and explanations of what the service is, ramifications of disabling, etc - to help you decide on each one), registry hacks/tweaks that can eliminate Windows vulnerabilties/attack vectors, and so on. A lot of good stuff there.


Thanx little mac, site looks good…