How can I turn off the firewall? (for test situations) Win7 64bit


System: Windows 7 prof. 64 bit, Comodo Firewall Version 5.5.195786.1383

How can I turn off the firewall?
I know the exit menu after clicking the task bar icon, but I don’t know if only the GUI (including the icon) is invisible and the firewall still works.
Will be the windows firewall reactivated?

I need this to test the difference in network behavior.

thanks for answers

See the images for a couple of different ways to disable the firewall.

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Hi - thanks for the quickly answer, I’am sorry I think I was blind I havn’t found it by my own


Yes, exiting from the taskbar icon only closes the GUI. Firewall protection is still active.

No, the Windows firewall will not be reactivated if you disable the Comodo firewall.

Keep in mind CIS will not notify you every x minutes that the firewall is closed. Please remind yourself to switch it back on.

thanks again to all to complete 8) the answers for all my questions :slight_smile: