How can I turn off my Comodo Firewall temporarily?

I’ve had Comodo Firewall since I got my laptop, and I’ve also had the The Sims 3 since I got my laptop. A couple months back, I was trying to connect to the EA Download Manager, and it said “error unable to connect to EA Download Manager”. Well, today, I was thinking that I really needed to fix that, so after looking around on the internet and on forums, I found out how to fix it. It said that I should temporarily turn off any firewalls or antivirus… So, my question is, how do I turn off and on my Comodo Firewall temporarily without damaging anything? … I’m not very good with computers… (I’ve had some accidents in the past with computers…) I need to be able to turn it off and on. Can anyone help me, please? Sorry if I sound totally stupid. (not exactly a tech-wizard…)

Hello GraceGurl :slight_smile:

If you right click CIS icon > firewall Security Mode > Disabled (This will disable the firewall)

If you wish to let CIS learn the connections that EA Download Manager Makes
CIS icon > firewall security Mode > Training Mode

hope this helps