how can i the messages off

hi, i have problem with game and messages…

when i play nhl 09 and somebody type to network chat than my game fall down :frowning:

i need turn off my messages

can you help me?

thank you

u can change u status as invisible

i try change my status - but when somedy type to network chat - my game fall down because window with message go up :frowning: it´s the same when i´m invisible…

this is happend, coz comodo message have higher priority than other system prosecc. what u can do, it’s try to downgrade comodo process. do to process mangment, find comodo process → right click and set process lower, than it is.

but i’m not sure this will work’s. better way to fix it out, it’s a creating new network on comodo, and invite only 1 person. theone u want to play with