How can I stop programs from linking to their home sites?

How can I stop programs from linking to their home sites with comodo firewall pro? :BNC

Do you mean how to stop programs from executing your browser / loading a page in your browser, when clicking a link in the program? That’s a task for Defense+. If you set it to “Safe Mode”, it’ll ask you whenever a program tries to execute your browser.

You can also go to Defense+ tab → Advanced tab → Computer Security Policy → Double click on the program you wish to block from executing your browser → Access Rights ->Run an executable / Modify → Blocked Applications tab → Add your browser to the list.


I wonder if the OP is referring to programs that automatically look for updates as soon as they run or automatically when you boot up, and not necessarily opening the browser?

Some of these can be disabled in your Start-up programs list; some within the program by turning off the ‘Automatically Search for Updates’ options.

There seem to be more and more programs that adopt this strategy these days and it is becoming very annoying.