how can i stealth global rule?

how can create a global stealth rule?
the stealth port wizard is not enough to make my global rules


Remove all rules and put a Block IP In ANY ANY ANY rule in place?


comodo has a global rules wizzard
but to pass ShieldsUP i have to select block everthing incoming
outside the 2 option (a lot of better) doesn’t let me to pass any tests

weird because i can pass these test with outpost 1.0 :o :embarassed:

I’m sorry I don’t think I completely understand.
Are you saying that if you use option 2 on stealth ports wizard that there are no alerts for Shields Up probes?

Are you connected behind a router?

yes correct
no alerts

Are you connected behind a router?
no a modem

by the way option 3 on stealth ports works 100%

Sounds like a bug to me, can you please post your modem & connection type (ppp/pppoe etc).