how can i set specific programs to have web access blocked?

Yes, i know there are IP rules, but is there an easier way to blacklist or whitelist apps regarding their internet access?

The easiest way is to have them access the internet and tell CIS to allow or block them with the remember my answer box checked.

This isn´t the best way to stop programs to “phone home”, specially when you don´t know, if & when this is happening. I use the training mode, anyway, so i´d even not be messaged.

Ah… This isn’t a good idea. If you’re using training mode, you’ve told your firewall to allow anything and everything free access to your internet connection. Yes, that means everything. Good or bad. You may as well just uninstall the firewall, as it isn’t doing anything.

Training mode should only be used for as short a duration as possible. Generally for complicated applications that you may be having trouble getting full functionality out of. You put the firewall in training mode and start the program. After it’s up and running, you revert back to your normal mode of operation.

I wouldn’t recommend using training mode for more than 5 or 10 minutes.

From the Help file

Training Mode : The firewall will monitor network traffic and create automatic allow rules for all new applications until the security level is adjusted. You will not receive any alerts in 'Training Mode' mode. If you choose the 'Training Mode' setting, we advise that you are 100% sure that all applications installed on your computer are assigned the correct network access rights.

Tip: Use this setting temporarily while playing an online game for the first time. This will suppress all alerts while the firewall learns the components of the game that need Internet access and automatically create ‘allow’ rules for them. Afterwards you can switch back to your previous mode.

Move up to “Safe Mode” at least. Anyway to answer your initial question you can do as HeffeD said allthough you will probably have application rules for most stuff.
What you need to do is go to Firewall->Advanced->Network Security Policy->Application Rules
Have a look through the list, these are the applications which allready have a rule configured for them in your Network Security Policy.
If you see any which you do not wish to have outgoing access double click on it and in the new window which pops up check the box “Use a pre-defined policy” and then from the drop-down menu to the right select “Blocked Application”. Now click APPLY then OK.

If you do not see the application in the list (Application rules) then you need to manually find it and give it the Blocked Application setting.
To do this when on the Application rules window click on “Add” (a window labelled “Application Network Access Control” will appear). Now click on “Select” then on “Browse”.
Now find the program executable you wish to block and double click it. The path should be at the top in the box “Application Path”(Pic2). Now do as before, Use a pre-defined policy->Blocked Application, APPLY then OK.


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Yeah, you´re right, of course. I changed that, thx!

Thank you, i changed the settings for that programs now, cool.