How can I set Comodo Firewall to default?

I would like to set Comodo Firewall to default so that I can tell it how to act all over again. How would I go about doing this?

Currently the configuration is in proactive mode and the firewall is in safe mode. I intend to keep it like that, after I train it again, is that a good idea?

gee wiz, don’t all rush in at once haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I was waiting in the hope that someone who had actual has done this to show it works posted.

I believe you can import the Proactive config from the Comodo folder please choose a different name after import I think you have to then choose it as the active configuration.

Before doing this please export your current configuration so you have a backup.


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thanks for the info, Dennis. Can you also tell me what exactly the benefit of Defense+ plus is. Currently have sandbox disabled and defense+ disabled.

I keep CIS in proactive configuration with the sandbox disabled.

If you want more information about how the sandbox works please see here:
and here:

Defense+ controls the actions of the files on your computer.

Let’s say that a virus manages to get itself onto your computer. Defense+ would then pop up an alert saying that this file is trying to access a part of your computer. If you weren’t installing anything or running a program this would be strange and you would choose to block it. This malware would thus essentially be neutralized. Nothing can install without you allowing it.

Of course this would be very annoying if it asked you for every program, but Comodo has an extensive white-list such that there are actually not too many alerts for safe programs.

I’d advise that you enable it and see if the program is too intrusive for you. If you can deal with it you are actually much safer than you were before. In fact see this list of the newest test results from Matousec: