how can i scan transferred files for wlm

i have windows live messenger 14.0.8064.206. i hate windows live one care scanner. its not quick. i wanna scan transferred files with comodo antivirus. how i can do?

Hi labyrinth, welcome to the forums.

If you’re transferring files to a PC with the CIS AV installed & active, then the files will be scanned as they are downloaded anyway… assuming they are executable files & do not exceed the Real Time Scanning size/duration (configurable). Failing that, CIS will scan the downloaded files when there are unpack/touched. CIS 3.8 (and prior) tends to scan a lot, whereas CIS 3.9 BETA has Stateful file scanning. This means CIS only scans the files when they are touched by the user/system, this uses less resources & improves response times.

I hope that helps.