How can I save this webpage to disk?

I was looking for a program that can alphabetise lines in text files. Found a freeware that didn’t work, found a shareware that didn’t work either.

Then I found this: Alphabetize a list in alphabetical order - and much more!
I would like to save it to disk, but none of the options in Firefox and Maxthon result in a working page. :-\ I thought it was just some kind of script that could be saved with the rest of the page, but perhaps not.

Anyone here any good at dissecting html?

I am not sure on the legal aspects of the proposed question.

I imagine it would conflict with the Copyright laws. It also depends on the agreement on the site and to read a agreement properly you need a lawyer, since i am not one and do not have one standing next to me i cannot make a judgment on that matter.

It also depends on what country you are in and the laws within that country.

That site all so gave me errors in trying to access the main site to see the agreement.

As I only IE, I can say that it works very well. Whatever page you are looking at just select file and then save-as, where it says save as type, choose .TXT and save. All you will end up with is a text only file.
If I misunderstood what you are needing, disregard the above. :smiley:

(B) Lee

PHP files are server based, database driven, dynamically generated pages. You can’t actually save the page compete with its functionality, only with the output at that point in time.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, that does help.
Thanks for the reply.