How can I protect a software file from the Antivirus?

Can anyone help?
Comodo is ok but I need it to stop going after my software. I own this machine , I do not want comodo to own it.

It just quarantined one of my software files (an exe file) again! I have the file in exclusions in scanner settings but it quarantined it AGAIN!
And now my utorrent can’t access the file although I have taken it out of quarantine again.

This is why I always use malarebytes instead of the comondo antivirus scanner - It seems to refuse to let me be in control of my software files. It’s endless trouble trying to protect them from Comodo.

Maybe I should just disable the antivirus feature permanently, just using the firewall and Defense + and use some other program for antivirus.

Is there anything I can do to get the comodo antivirus under control? Is there anything else to protect my files besides the exclusions page in the scanner settings?


Have you checked to see if defense plus is blocking this application?