How can I prevent pop-up from the Internet explorer with my Comodo Firewall?

HI,I am new here,em…
I got a cool software but the pop-up(about ■■■■■■■■■■■)…you know,I made a rule(prevent to run the IE) for it,BUT it doesn’t work…a guy told that I shoud prevent 3port:
YE.I did it,but the pop-ups are still exists
prevent pop-up from the Internet explorer with Comodo Firewall<-------Possible?
Ye,I’m the man who make a topic with a Online translation website…and i’m from China,Hello world

------------------------oh,i found that it’s 8:00AM in your country----------------

You may also ask in, they have sub-forum for Comodo and have more discussions on custom rule settings.

P.S. May be you’ve posted in Kafan. I see similar post over there, seems no concrete solution yet.

Getting undesired pop ups sounds like an infection. It is most probably not the best idea to make a workaround around an infection.

Sounds like an adware infection. Scan with your anti virus/anti malware scanners and clean that adware up.

Ye,I did that,You found it ;D’s not an infection, the software start,the ad comes up,it’s just ad

THX for your help

If you are SURE that its a legit application, i wouldnt call it “cool software” though :wink:

Maybe it has a use, but the behaviour is the one of “add-ware/malware”. I mean, which reputated product would advertise red-light?

There are a lot of substitute programs out there. For anything. Try to find an alternative.