How can I prevent Comodo from adding EVERYTHING as 'Trusted'.

One of the reasons I decided to use Comodo was because of HIPS and more specifically, the ability to tell applications that - NO, you do NOT have permission to look into what another application is doing.

But it seems that with a more recent update, the massive certificate list of trusted applications + comodos ‘cloud trust’, that almost ANY application launched is “Trusted” by Comodo and there is NO WAY for me to disable it and get the HIPS Prompt when a “new” applications attempts to do anything.

Is this how Comodo is supposed to work now, and if I can no longer trust HIPS to work according to my settings, how can I trust any of the other options? Is the firewall even on?

Attached image; example of Comodo rating set to Trusted without any user interaction…

On CIS Premium 10.

Just switch HIPS to Paranoid Mode.

Cheers :smiley:

Weird, was sure in Safe mode it would follow the same rules, the readme for Paranoid seemed to indicate that it would not show popups, but it does.

From the Help-text it says on Safe “It also automatically creates ‘Allow’ rules for these activities, if the checkbox ‘Create rules for safe applications’ is selected.”. So I assume that, by not using that checkbox, I would have the option to myself decide these rules.

Another thing while we’re fixing problems is that some applications (particularly games) will start fullscreen mode and the Comodo Prompt will be ‘hidden’ and basically locking the computer and forcing me to restart the computer, is there a way to avoid this? The new application will usually launch, ask for access to dinput, keyboard, screen… then FREEZE. Sometimes lucky I’ll hear the Comodo Popup soundeffect but no way to activate it.