How can I mute the background colour when I PREVIEW before I POST


Some months ago, after composing a message I had no problem to PREVIEW before POST.

Now I find that PREVIEW displays my message in Black text on a slightly paler shade of Black background, and I find it difficult to read. I really miss my old monitor which had TV type front panel brightness and contrast control knobs.

I have inspected my Comodo User PROFILE, and found that “Look and Layout Preferences” does not help me.

Using Firefox I find control at Tools → Options → Content Tab - > Colours button
This allows me to cancel the default “Allow pages to choose their own colours, instead of my selections above”.
Then I can easily preview my message in Black text on a white background.
Unfortunately a white background removes helpful context / navigation information for all normal use in this forum or on any other web-sites, so then I have to clickety clack back and re-assert the option “Allow Pages …”

If the Web Master could change the background to make PREVIEW more legible then I, and perhaps many others,
would find it a great kindness. I have always found Blue text on a Yellow background to be very pretty and legible.

I have many years experience designing Real Time embedded software on dedicated hardware, but have no understanding of what issues might be involved in meeting my “simple user request”.

Just in-case my “simple user request” is not satisfied today !!!
I would appreciate advice from any-one upon anything else that I can do to improve legibility - but if it involves a fix in the registry I will probably wait another week before I get that desperate !!!


You sure do have alot of complaints. I see the preview just fine but then again I never use it.

Hi Alan

I also noticed, along with others, that the Post Preview area had gone over to the dark-side during the weekend. We suspect that Comodo have upgraded something on the forums, but there has been no official confirmation as of yet. This is probably part of the forums themes… and can only be changed (fixed) by Comodo. I doubt that this change was intentional.


I said BUMP!!

B MP !!!



I reckon you’re trying to get the admins’ attention… Since there’s been no luck I’ll try reporting it.

They don’t work on weekends (:TNG)