How can I make Comodo sandbox stop interfering with Github?

Hey folks!

Just having a problem where I’m trying to work on a project remotely using Github - and Comodo appears to be sandboxing Github, or the project files. When I add a text files to the repo in order to test upload, Github can’t see the file. However, when I disable the Comodo Auto-Sandbox (for 15 minutes), the file is immediately visible to Github. On re-enabling the Auto-Sandbox, the file disappears from Github - implying that this problem is related to Comodo.

Does anybody have a way to make Comodo allow Github to do it’s thing?


On the advanced homepage, I noticed that it said Comodo had blocked 46 intrusions. On clicking on the ‘46’, I was brought to the Comodo View Logs screen, where it appears that GitHub and some associated files are set to Run Virtually. My instinct is that if I can figure out how to stop these files from being Run Virtually, I can solve at least some of my problems. Any thoughts?

My Comodo Program Version is

My Last Update was 08/05/2016 18:47:19


Open the file list and set the applications rating to trusted.

Wah, sorry, didn’t see this response until now. Thanks for the advice. I think I ended up solving the problem in a different way, but I appreciate your aid!