How can I make CFP work properly on Win Server 2008

I just found out that CFP does not work on Win Server 2008.

Here is the comment I found in one of the Win Server 2008 Forums:
“Technically you can get the Latest version of Comodo Pro to work by running it in XP SP2 Compatability mode, but the Network Firewall wont work and Defense+ will nag alot. If there was a Windows Vista Compatability mode for Windows Server 2008 I bet it would work alot better.”

Is there some trick to make it work anyway? Or do I have to wait for an update that fixes the problem?


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I don’t know of a way to get it to work with Windows Server 2008, but it clearly says that Comodo Firewall Pro 3 is for Windows XP and Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) only, so in the first place, I wouldn’t even try to get it running on another OS.
If you get it to work somewhat good, you might (or will) get some (or a lot) unwanted problems.
The firewall in Windows Server 2008 isn’t too bad, so if you configure it right, you’ll have a decent firewall. Add a hardware firewall, and you shouldn’t have to worry about hackers or script kiddies.


in comparison to windows server 2003 and windows xp
the reason i believe that it gives you these problem is because it install the win xp compatible network “driver” (i suppose you can call it that since is under hidden devices…)
windows server 2008 share the same core as vista (and most features)…
which should in question be compatible…

im running server (trial on a home pc ) too…
just wishing it had the same control as i did in xp…
wishing comodo would post compatible software…
(then again i can see the reasons for not proving support for the server edition
because this would mean that enterprises could this software
idk maybe this is why ??? …)

just my thoughts

@ Ragwing:
Thanks although I would be more comfortable having CFP around instead of the default firewall.

@ darkassain:
True, Win Server 2008 and Vista have the same core. That’s why I thought there might be a way around the trouble. But it seems there is too much difference. I just heard that Win Server is much better and faster than Vista. Maybe they put some extra work into the server edition. But I can’t say for sure. I havn’t tried out Vista on the same system so I can’t compare.

the windows server series has always been the most stable…
the windows server series is always about robustness and integrity…
its about a computer that might never be turned off hence
(just goes to show who microsoft really hears from… :frowning: )
@ juls
i wanted to show that i can see that they do not support windows server 2003 since the code base is entirely different from xp (hence the different dates SP2 came out)

the only major thing i see between them (vista and server 08) is that of sever roles and and features (minwin style) which got me checking it out a few days now…
(couldnt wait so now i am using jetico… :frowning: )
but there is a few tweaks i believe and nothing major that if we were able to trick comodo think its vista then it would install
not going against anyone here okay…
i love comodo and all it has done from 2 yrs ago till now…
every computer i repair i put comodo… (seriously to me its the holy grail of software firewalls)