How can I login comodo time machine with parental control?

At three month ago I installed comodo time machine on my computer.And I had set parental control.But I forgot my password(actually,I don’t think the possword that I remembered is wrong).Now I can’t login the CMT.How can I login to it or uninstall it?

There is no way to get your password. The only way is uninstall CTM by “fdisk /mbr”. The command “fdisk /mbr” is equal to uninstall CTM to baseline. So please backup important data to extern device or unprotected volume before perform this command.

Thanks for your help. I had installed Norton Internet Security on my computer.Need I to uninstall it first?

No, you do not need to uninstall NIS first.

Dose the command “fdisk /mbr” work in DOS?
Can I use the software “diskgenius” to replace the commamd “fdisk /mbr”?


Can I use the software "diskgenius" to replace the commamd "fdisk /mbr"?
Yes, you can.