how can I log my 3Com 7760 AP activity?

Hi mates,
I really don’t know if I’m in the right place to ask for those questions hence I apologize in advantage to any forum moderator about that.
Recently I bought an Access point, its code name is 3Com 7760. I’d like to know if there is a way to monitor its activity like a syslog or something like that.

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Hi Stenews,

Please check the manual page for Syslog configuration page 38

A 3Com syslog server can be found here:

I prefer the “free” version of Solarwinds Syslog Server (Previous Kiwi Syslog server).

cool! :wink:
thank you very much indeed!

I’ll try to manage with one of those.

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sorry mate…I was nearly forgotten, in case should I use a macOSX machine? which of those ones should I get?

Ah sorry those where for windows…

Big chance you already have a syslog server running on your system.
Try this from a console window.

netstat -an|grep 514

It should show something like this:

in other word,
first off I have to enable the syslog on the 3Com web GUI and later than I have type that command in my terminal windows. Am I right?

it doesn’t seem to work…

Well you need to things

  1. A syslogd listening on your system to “catch” the messages the AP will send.
  2. You need to tell the AP where to send the messages to (IP address).

See this post on how to enable a syslogd server on OS X
Make sure you replace airport.log by something like 3com.log that will be the file it get’s logged to…

I really appreciate what you did for me! thanks mate.
I’ll try to carefully read the tread you post me and I’ll see if I can manage that in someway.

bye from now,

No problem, and if your not sure, read it twice :wink:
And if you don’t trust your self with it… well at least make sure you have backups of your system :-TU