How can I limit Scan My System to just the C drive?

Before I ask my question, let me first say I love your product and kudos to your dev team on such a fine piece of securty software. I was using PeerGuardian2 and was frustrated by seeing all these allowed connections I knew were port scanners that weren’t getting shut out. I installed Comodo 3.0 then opened the PG2 window which lets me watch live what is being allowed and what isn’t and voila nothing but me and my ISP…Comodo slammed the door on all the bot scanners that funny enough were all originating from the RIPE network in Germany and Spain.

Now my question is when using Comodo 3 I select scan my system and it automatically scans every drive on my computer and funny enough it does not start with the c drive it starts with the F drive. I have quite a few drives and for time purposes would like to limit the scan to the C drive only but I see no options to set what to scan. Is there a way to limit Scan My System to the C drive only?

The scanner is still new and doesn’t have any specific options. What you see is what you get.

Peer Guardian is not a firewall nor a replacement for one. It just blocks the connection to lIP addresses that care onsidered suspicious (according to the used list).