How can I install the "Comodo Firewall" in my dedicated server?

Hello, I want to install the Comodo Firewall in my dedicated server but It block my Remote Desktop connection. How can I fix it?

OS: Windows Server 2003 x64

Problem: The problem occurs when I’m installing the Firewall, when the status of instalation is “Installing kernel Firewall”, some seconds after this I get kicked from my dedicated server and can’t access anymore.

When I try to connect again shows the message “this computer can’t connect to remote computer”.


First of all Windows Server 2003 is not supported by CIS. One user reported he had it working under S 2003. But there is no guarantee will work.

Are you trying to install CIS from a remote location?


I asked the other mods. Here is Ronny’s comment:

I'm not 100% sure but that would be the point where the firewall driver attaches to the NIC, i don't think you can remote install CIS other than possibly with CSEM.