How can I further upload (attach) files? [RESOLVED]

I’m getting the error:

The upload folder is full. Please, try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator.

How can I solve that?

mod edit: resolved. kail

Hi Tech

I just issued a Report to Moderator against your post to alert the Admins to this issue, thanks.

Hope the Moderator does not get angry with me ;D

Moderator? No, it’s the Admins you need to worry about (they get a copy too). :wink:

Btw How big is the file you’re trying to Upload (attach)?

Minimal, less than 100kb.
I wouldn’t expect such a limitation.
Sometimes, a picture worths 1000 words… For instance:;msg413871#msg413871

"An Error Has Occurred!
The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator. "

what is going on? I tried to upload pic.png filesize: 95,7 KB (98.041 bytes)

mod edit: merged post. kail

Thanks for the info Tech.

Above post merged and PM sent to Admin.

I had gotten this error too, and was going to send a PM to mods & admins, but I forgot. ;D

Any news about this?

It is fixed. You should be able to upload/attach files now. :slight_smile:

edit: resolved/clarified.

Thanks. Tested and fixed.