How can i fix my errors ?

I downloded this Comodo Antivirus and i did a scan and it found 0 threats.
But i have PC Performer and it found 342 Errors and i cant fix the Errors unless i purchase some programe from them (Pc Performer is another company).

So my questions are

  1. Are there any program with Comodo that can fix this Errors ?
  2. Is Comodo Antivirus good enough to eliminate troyjas, mallwere, spywere and viruses ?

Thanks for any help with this :slight_smile:

Hi Big_boy,
1: Pc Performer is a optimiser, temp files and privacy cleaner program, not infections cleaner.
Be sceptical about any program asking for money.
Alternatives would be,
Comodo system utilities for an intense cleaner.
Or CCleaner from Piriform for a more mild clean.
2: Comodo Internet Security is very good at preventing all types of Malware (Infections).

For the reasons given above I have moved this to General Discussion (off topic).