How can I find a file that I blocked ?

I got a warning that rbSolnUpdateENU.3.0.1.exe was trying to access something and because I didn’t know what it was I blocked it. Now when I search my system I can’t find the file, I wanted to send the file to analysis.

Is there a way to find files that are blocked in Comodo

Sure thing

Firewall>Advance>Network security policy> (Find the application there if it was a firewall alert)

Defense>Advance>Computer Security Policy> (Find the application there if it was a defense alert)


Did this solve your issue?

Semper Fi !!

I think I am using Comodo wrong because I am always clicking those ■■■■ alerts…lol and when I look where you told me to look almost everything is set to custom, that’s not right is it? And nothing shows up as blocked even though I know I blocked it

Possible: It could have been a temp executable, meaning it either deleted its self or something else did. and that you could have pressed purge on the “Security Policy”

I’ve been looking around i do believe that it was a trojan…
so your AV or any other security apps could have deleted this file…


I still have many questions about the security of my computer, I use Avast antivirus and posted my question there.

If anyone wants to give me any suggestions you can read my post here

You are most welcome,

I run Avira (because its’ free and currently number 1 in most of the tests)
I also run Superantispyware (free edition) & Malware bytes Anti-Malware(Free Edition)
Both are perfect together…
and i have the CIS Beta 3.5 (With CAVS Realtime Scanning disabled)

Trust is almost impossible online but
Comodo & other companies tries to get near the top…

As a User and Moderator I love comodo I trust comodo…

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To go with your post…

I have Avast Pro 4.8 and just ran a thorough scan and came up with no infections.
So what do I trust ? SpyBot who says I have 9 malwares or Avast who says “No Infection”

Spybot is for Spyware/Malware…

Avast is known for their virus catching not anything else…

(Run superantispyware (Updated) In safe mode {To Boot In Safe Mode Tap F8 While Booting up, Select Safe Mode})
This will mainly find most if not all baddies on your pc


Once again thanks for your comments, I ran superantispyware after putting the tracking cookies in quantine and got “no problems” I also ran it in safe mode and got the same thing" no problems" BUT SpyBot is rated high and it found 9 things that superantispyware didn’t find.

This is my problem, what to trust???

A good place to look for things is under explorer.exe as this will usually be the first pop up when a new application is ran.EG Explorer is trying to run XYZ.exe what would like to do?

To do this go Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/Highlight the entry “%windir%\explorer.exe” and click on “Edit”/Now click on “Access Rights” and then on “Modify” next to “Run an Executable”.
Here you will find the list of applications which you have allowed explorer to run and told D+ to remember.
There is no Purge function so you have to manually remove any entries no longer relevant.