How can I exclude all 279 off existing scan results from futre scans ?

New Portable version 2.1.114194.1 . wants to delete 279 items.

Is it possible to add EVERY item to the exclusion list WITHOUT having to right click each of 279 results ?

I have till now used CCleaner and that has cleansed all it has found, and never let me down.

3 months ago I upgraded protection to CIS 3.10 and something went wrong as the old protection was removed. I am about to restore a system C:\ image to start all over again, and I am following advice to uninstall the old protection and cleanup with CCleaner, yet again, and to additionally use Comodo System Cleaner to hunt down extra remnants.

I fully expect that the old restored system with obsolete protection will still have zero items for CCleaner to purge, and that Comodo Cleaner will offer to purge 279 items. I will not trust Comodo at this stage.
The previous version crashed when the SCAN reached File extensions. This version does NOT crash but has found 106 extensions to zap. I allowed it to zap and it removed 103, and reported that 3 which it said to go were actually in use - confirming my fears that no registry cleaner should ever be blindly trusted.

At some time in the future I will GRADUALLY allow you to take out a few keys at a time,
But I am entering EMERGENCY mode and wish to restore the old image with old protection,
and use Comodo Cleaner to SCAN and detect 200 to 300 keys to purge, and to EXCLUDE every one incase any of them might kill something.
Then I can remove the old protection and cleanse with CCleaner, and then let Comodo Cleaner look at the registry. At this stage Comodo Cleaner must NOT offer to purge to 200 to 300 spare keys that have built up over the last 5 years of using XP, I need it to ONLY report the new redundant keys that belonged to the obsolete and removed protection.

Incidentally, upon starting Comodo Cleaner it looks at installed applications and updates its own data base of keys that can be removed.
After the old protection is removed, will their entries be removed from the data base ?
Should I take special precautions such as disabling Cleaner’s updates and / or deleting the contents of applications.ini.