How can i easily remove Trusted Vendors list?

How can i easily remove ‘Trusted Vendors’ lists?
Because Some Malware are used China DG Sign of ‘Trusted Vendors’ List. (Verisign 3)
I want to remove all China Vendors. ;D

This malware has stolen South Korea’s Bank informations.

I don’t have a computer in front of me now so instuctions are going to be vague, you can go into the advanced settings of CIS and then under something like “File Rating” or something like that you should be able to untick a check-box saying something about trusted vendors. Hope you can find it otherwise either someone else can help or I can post a more in-depth walkthrough when I get home which will be quite a few hours.

In CIS 6 you have an option to use or not to use TVL.

Advanced settings - File Rating - File Rating Settings - uncheck the last 2 boxes. After every program update (not virus db, but CIS itself) look if they are still unchecked JIC.

If you ever come across any malware which is digitally signed by a vendor in the TVL please report it in this topic.

Thank you.

Hm after reading this hands are itching to switch off the TVL.

The TVL can be permanently removed by deleting the vendor n file in the comodo programs folder.
But it can simply be turned off within the interface.