How can I disable cavwp.exe process if only CFW is installed?

Hello everyone! Id like to get some advice from experts and experienced Comodo users. Yet any thoughts on the subject are welcome. I wonder, if I install only Comodo Firewall (no antivirus component), why do I have cavwp.exe process running in my system? Ive been watching it for a while in Process Explorer, and it seems to do nothing, it just silently hangs there. Moreover, when AV component is activated during installation (CIS or CAV option chosen) cavwp.exe uses about 4 times more ram and it is obviously more CPU intensive than its zombie process in CFW only installation.
Some time ago I used CFW and it was running without cavwp.exe from the very installation without any tweaks from my side, and everything worked well for few months without cavwp.exe.
After some time at other AV product Im back to CFW. Performed some testdrives in virtual machine with CFW before installation and cavwp.exe was always there. It doesn’t cause any problems, but “lex parsimoniae” is my motto so I prefer to disable any unnecessary processes/services in my system. I booted my laptop in safe mode and renamed cavwp.exe to cavwp.exe.bak so it doesn’t autorun at Windows startup, but everytime CFW checks for updates it downloads a new version of cavwp.exe and it runs again at next Windows startup.
All CFW components (FW, HIPS, Containment, File Rating, Cloud Check and VirusScope) seem to work properly without cavwp.exe process, so I don’t like it just hanging there. Maybe there is a way to disable it through some registry tweak? Any thoughts and advices are appreciated.


This may help: Processes