How can I connect a Netbook with a PC via Ethernet?

I have bought a Netbook
I have a PC

I’d like to connect the two’s directly by an Ethernet cable

What are the simple steps I have to do in configuring the LAN?

What do I have to set in Firewall Global Rules to make the (Netbook + PC) communicate with each other?

I am not interested in router connections, access to internet from the netbook via the PC, or something else (both the PC and the Netbook have a connection by themselves)

I am only interested in transferring files from the PC to the Netbook and viceversa.

Well in general there are 2 solutions to your question.

  1. Cross-over cable directly connected back-2-back.
  2. Hub/Switch to connect the devices to the LAN (PC, Netbook, Router).

One thing to keep in mind if you use the cross-over cable is that there is no DHCP “server” on that link so you need to manually configure an IP address in both machines so they can “see” each other.

e.g. set on the PC and on the Netbook.
Then you should be able to ping and map shares etc.

It says that the LAN is “Connected” in both machines.
But if I ping the other IP, it says “Session expired”

Do I have to set something in the global rules?

How can I share a folder and then start transferring from one PC to the other?

If your connected via a cross-over I’d disable the FW’s on both machines temporarily.
Assuming you trust both machines.

Did you set fixed IP’s on both machines network cards?

Here is a “how to share” sample…

Do you mean that there is no other way than disabling completely (?) the Firewall just to copy files from one PC to the other?

Isn’t there the possibility to create some rule (what are Network Zones for?) to allow one particular PC (identified by its MAC address) to bypass automatically the other’s Firewall?
I am not an expert so I don’t know how to do it :wink:

Sure you can create rules.
Based on MAC or IP depending what suits you the most.

Say you use a separate IP network for this cross-over network e.g. (

PC1 = PC2=
You have to create a rule on PC1 to allow the IP from PC2 incoming.
(Allow, TCP, IN, Source IP =, Destination = Any, Source port=any, Destination port=445).

And the same rule on PC2 where you replace Source IP with

You can also make such rules based on Destination Port=Any if you don’t mind full access to your system.

You can also change the IP to MAC and use the MAC of PC2 on the rule for PC1.
Beware that if you connect to an other IP network e.g. your LAN instead of the cross-over network that this rule will still allow access between both PC’s regardless of the fact that they might now be in IP subnet e.g.

Thanks I will check :-TU

I just realized that, maybe the main reason why even ping gave me error, my cable is not an “Ethernet crossover cable” but only the “regular one” that they gave me when I bought the modem.
So I cannot connect directly the two pc’s :-\

That’s correct that’s not going to work unless your Network Adapter switches automatically to cross.

If you have a hub/switch and two cables you can use that as an Isolated LAN…

If not you can buy or make a cross cable by e.g.

A bit more about this Medium-dependent interface - Wikipedia