How Can I Configure SnagIt To Work With This Board?

Hi All,

I’d like to be able to take screenshots of the Comodo screens with SnagIt, (since I already purchased it long before I read about the suggested free software here) to illustrate any problems I might have with the firewall. I’ve had no trouble using Snagit elsewhere, but I don’t get a “paste” option when on this forum.

Any ideas?


I guess you can save the image, then upload it:

  1. Click “Additional Options…” in the “Post reply” page on this forum (that link is right below the text area).
  2. In the “Attach” form, click “Browse” and select your image. Then click “Open”.

When you click “Post”, your image will be posted.

Does this help?


I tried it.

No luck. When I checked “preview” I didn’t see the image. It looks like it wants to remain an “attachment” instead of being “posted”.

Then I couldn’t “detach” it, so I rewrote this message.

I’ll keep trying.


Hey Mindy, when you do the preview any attachments will not be visable they only appear in the actual post. Try a couple of test pictures in this post, if it`s a jpeg, gif or png it should be directly visable on posting and then you can click on it to enlarge it.
Give it a go, no harm in trying :wink: