How can i configure CIS to work with PureVPN.

I am currently using VPN sadly with the Windows firewall because support from PureVpn only support win firewall and i couldn’t get it to work with comodo. Just wondering if anyone uses Purevpn and got it work with CIS. Any help would be appreciated it to get it working with Comodo as i don’t trust Win FW.

Only way to use comodo firewall with your VPN is to make sure the comodo internet security firewall driver is listed under the VPN adapter properties. If the driver is listed then you can start setting up the rules needed to allow connectivity, if not then comodo isn’t compatible with that particular VPN.

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Hi Futuretech. I do have the CIS driver under my local area connection. Also the dialer works for PureVPN but the GUI which i have a choice of servers doesn’t work and will show my current location. Also in the PureVPN connection there is no CIS driver.