How can i close port 139


on my computer comodo running fine. All ports are closed.
But i have installed comodo on the machine from a friend. And all ports are closed but the port 139 is still open.
No router only dsl modem. And i have disabled netbios under tcp/ip.

How can i close port 139 with comodo?


Hello again :slight_smile:

Does your friend use a router? and are you reffering to “Shields up test”?
What may be happening is that it is scanning his router and not Comodo. To fix this just visit the manufactures website and look into how to configure the router.

Hope this helps! (:HUG)

I’m Going to bed now… So I’ll reply later… whistles can someone else take over? :THNK

Personally although you can block this port under the firewall settings I run Windows Worms Doors Cleaner,closes 139 and other dangerous ports in a flash ( for Win2k,XP + Server2003) :■■■■

Thx for this tool. This is what i need. I try to close 139 with this tool.

Later i post the result.