How can I check if my current ondtallation is in order?

I had a problem with gdb conflicting with CIS, however, I soon found out that I wasn’t running the latest version of CIS, so I tried to update. The program recognized there was a new version, but was unable to update.
I did what would seem logical: I uninstalled CIS and downloaded the lastest version’s installer. It failed to install, though. As I hadn’t rebooted my computer since I had uninstalled the previous version, I thought that maybe rebooting would solve the problem. So I rebooted and tried to install CIS again. Once again it hung at the end (installing kernell drivers) I wanted to redownload and try again, but DNS calls couldn’t be resolved anymore. So I rebooted again. This time I downloaded “cfwfree_installer_x64.exe” instead of “cisfree_installer_x64.exe”, but it seems these two differ in name only. Once again the installation hung at the same moment.
I gave up on just installling it like that. I would have to find if this was a common problem and post a request for help. However, to get my internet connection to function normally again, I had to reboot. So I rebooted and then… CIS appeared to be installed.

So, long story short, I am afraid that not everything is neatly installed, is there a way for me to check that?

At this point if you can uninstall I’d uninstall and then run this program to clean up any parts of it remaining:

Then try to re-download the program and try installing again. Hopefully this time it will be a clean install and nothing will go wrong. I doubt that the CIS installed on your computer is going to work correctly, so I’d reinstall.

So far it appears to be working just fine, but you are absolutely right, it seems likely that the current install is not completely in order (that’s why I ask for a check for just that). I’ll try your suggestion a bit later – I just hope it just doesn’t leave me without CIS all together.

I have exactly the same problem. I cannot install the latest x64 version for Windows 7. Installation works fine until you have made all settings (like not joining trust… community, not using DNS, etc). The installation windows will disappear and two processes remain open forever: cfwfree_installer_x64.exe twice!

How can I install Comodo in Windows 7 x64?

P.S. Yes, I have already tried to rerun the installation.

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Did you install in English if not this post might help you.


Did you have CIS previously installed?

So, I followed the suggested path of action yesterday. I had some trouble with the uninstaller freezing, but I shut it down and it appeared not to have any effect on the whole process. The clean up tool ran quite well and finally I was able to install CIS.

(and yes, I was installing in English, I find that translations to Dutch tend to be bad, and even when they aren’t there are simply just expressions that work in English that simply don’t in Dutch)

After the install I decided to run some full system scans (CIS virus scan, Spybot, Ad-aware) and I was truly surprised how little was found. Kudos to Comodo, I was running an outdated version of the firewall for quite some time, and yet the protection was that good!