How Can I check for Trojan?

I live in a large shared house and accidentally left my laptop lying around one time, and someone got into it, and put a keylogger/screengrab program on it; I believe in order to get my credit card details etc.

I have now formatted and started again; but is there any way that whoever it was can do the same again via IP address or some other remote means? Via the router for example? As the previous attack was via taskenv.exe (or similar, the exact name has gone out of my mind) it was never picked up by scans; i only accidentally stumbled across it one day while checking file locations on task manager

Thanks for reading. I have made the main question bold so it doesnt get lost i amongst the ramble!

Use a firewall, a reputable AV, and you can also do some scans with other programs from time to time. Please see the guide here:
What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

i think the perp is someone who knows their way around c coding, so my point is that anti spyware progs dont pick up what theyve coded - necessarily, or do they?

Don’t jump to any conclusions yet. I know Karate and Kung Fu and 3 other Asian words if you know what I mean… :wink:

Scanning with multiple scanners as suggested by Chiron is most certainly more than just viable. The fact that somebody know how to program C doesn’t he or she knows he to write malware. He or she could have installed it or acquired it by hormone driven surfing…:wink:

If you want more guidance you could consider following What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 .

In really severe cases where there are serious suspicions about rooktits you should run dedicated rootkit scanners.

But until further notice start with the regular scanners as they will, partially, provide rootkit scanning as well.

Don’t be afraid and take thing one step at a time…