How can i block ports?

Hello guys…
can you teach me how to block ports??
what is the rule for blocking a port?(the pattern)
and where can i create a rule to block ports?(in comodo firewall) :THNK

If you want to allow or block per port per app, you may want to change your Alert Frequency Level setting to High. In any case, you can go into Network Security Policy, edit the particular app you’re interested in, and check that the port settings for each rule for the app are what you want.

uhmm sounds good but i dont know how to create rules to block ports…

Can you give a specific example of a program and which ports you want to block for it and why? Or, maybe you meant that you want to make sure that there are no open ports on your system?

i want to block the port 135-139 and poer 443…
teach me how to create rules on blocking ports and where in the comodo firewall can i make a rule for blocking a port…

Firewall tab → Common Tasks → Stealth Ports Wizard.

If you just want to block those ports (and I assume you mean port 445, since 443 is https) you can go to “my port sets” on that same page and create a named port set “netbios” with those ports in it. Then you can add a global rule under “advanced/network security policy”

i made what uve said…
but the port 135 is still open… :THNK

What is reporting these ports as open? Shields Up?
Are you behind a router? If you are this is what is probably showing the open ports.
These ports should be stealthed by default.
and with rule by sded they should defiantly be stealthed
you do need to make there exists a posts set in My Port sets see attached snap shot


[attachment deleted by admin]

He does not have a router according to his other posts.

yeah i dont have any router…
i used a port scanner to determine whether my ports are open or not…
in grc my ports are all closed and only seven are stealth…

i had made a new port set and i added a rule to block it but the port 135 is still open according to my port scanner…

Thanks VT
I did not see that in this thread but maybe you searched other threads by this user.

If this is true we need more info.
Some cable modems and DSL routers will use NAT.
If so it could be this device is failing on these ports.
If this is the case it may be possible to login to the device and change these settings, we (myself or someone else) may be willing to try to help you with this but this is beyond the scope of this forum.
What is your connection type?
What is the brand/model is the cable modem or DSL router?
You are not using dial up I assume, I know some of the users are.
Is the IP reported by typing “ipconfig /all” at the command prompt [C:>] the same as shows in the port test(Shields Up?)?
if these are different we can stop here and see if we can change the config on the cable modem or DSL router.
I would suggest if you want to troubleshoot further
you post the your CFP config.
You can download the reporting script directly from here or the forum thread with more info and a privacy warning can be found here . The changes to the report noted below should get most, if not all, of your sensitive info off the report. If want want to read through it to see what is shown the report could be 30-40 pages or more

If want to delete your Ip address you can do a replace using “Notebook” hit Ctrl+r and type your IP address
i.e. in find box type IP reported by “ipconfig /all”) & in the replace box type X.X.X.X
However this info may be needed to troubleshoot your problem
also at the top of the report, in the first 2(two) lines under “General Information” you will find your computer user and your computer name, you can delete both of these.

This script makes no changes to computer what so ever. It only reports on some CFPv3 & computer network settings