how can i block port scanning?

how can i block my ports scannig as it does the outpost?

i test comodo here Advanced Port Scanner | PCFlank and it said that i had open ports and i want to block everyone who will scan my ports

and in attack detection settings as i understood the attack most continue 20 seconds and after that firewall will block it and is not it too long time? will not it better 10 or 5 seconds?

This time means, that the Firewall will block every connection from this IP, so if you make a port-scan or flood test, you get wrong results.

You can use the port stealth wizzard of comodo. Firewall → Common → Stealth port wizzard.

It doesn’t sound good that pcflank find open ports. You must have wrong settings for random apps. Maybe you can post a Screenshot of your app ruleset.

Are you behind a router?

If so, these scanners will be testing the ports on your router, not CIS. If you don’t want these ports open, you’ll need to close them on the router. However, they really aren’t much of a concern because you have CIS behind the router. :slight_smile:

hey thank you all ;D i don’t understand what did you told me but i found it by my self :smiley: