How can I block Cmdagent.exe from connecting to the Internet?

I have COMODO Firewall
Updates are off. Cloud Lookup is off.
Cmdagent.exe connects to the Internet about every 5 minutes.
I made a Firewall rule for cmdagent.exe to “Block and Log All Requests”.
In the Firewall events Log I see that connections to IPv4 are blocked.
But cmdagent.exe now connects through IPv6, and those connections do not even show in the log.
The option “Filter IPv6 traffic” is “on”.
Connections are made to:
2a02:1788:4fd::b2ff:5205 (, Kingdom, United States)
2400:cb00:2048:1::6810:3d1f (Cloudflare, Newark, United States)

How can I block these connections? Why COMODO firewall does not block this proccess?

Cmdagent.exe is part of comodo and is a needed service. You can’t block this process. Below is a image of the update page, make sure it isn’t a time issue.

All updates are turned off.
COMODO Firewall does block this process when it tries to make an IPv4 connection,
but it apparently does not block IPv6 connections from Cmdagent.exe.

What configuration are you using (internet security, proactive security or firewall security). I found high cpu usage in proactive security so I use internet security.

Can you post the screen shot of the rules you set for cmdagent in the firewall application rules? It sounds like the firewall is not blocking IPv6 connections. To check create a rule for your web browser and use the predefined ruleset of blocked application then use it to connect to google using its IPv6 address 2607:f8b0:4004:80e::200e or 2607:f8b0:4004:803::2004 to see if you can connect.

Thanks, for the suggestion, futuretech.

The problem indeed seems to be that COMODO Firewall 10 does not block IPv6 connections.

I tested this on my browser (Firefox). I first created an application rule in CFW to block a single IPv4 address for Firefox. It worked, the browser could not connect to that address. Then I modified that rule to block a single IPv6 address. This did not work. The browser still could connect to the IPv6 address.

The same happens when I create a global rule for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

When I create an application rule to block all connections for the Firefox, the browser can not connect to IPv4 addresses, but it still can connect to IPv6 addresses.

tazruby2000, I do not have the “Configuration” tab. I have only COMODO Free Firewall installed, and do not have COMODO antivirus.

The screen shots: