how can I block an application to acces the network?

Hi to everyone!
I have just installed an application called Your Unistaller 2008.
Okay every seems to work right with it but every single time I launch it CFPv3 prompts me that it’s trying to access the net.
I have customized this application with the help of Defense+ and I blocked its access to the COM interface and the DNS but I’m always getting the same behaviour…why?
I mean, could someone explain me how to properly use Defense+ to get full control over my applications?

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When you get a Firewall pop up block it and set to remember your answer. There is no need to block internet in D+.

You can also do that in the Firewall part under Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules → make it Blocked.

Hi EricJH and first off many thanks for your help!
well…I know that I can teach the Firewall to block it, but I thought that one can make a control over his applications with Defence+ even for deny them to access the network.
Anyway I’ll add those rules to my Network Security Policy as you suggested to me.

I’d like to ask you one more question about D+.
What about the rule’s rank order? I mean, is it important how the different applications are listed in the Computer Security Policy?
I’m telling that because if I leave D+ to manage and remember the rules, they are stored at beginning of the list as opposite if I create a rule by myself it is placed at the end of the list…why? what does it means?

Thanks again for all and sorry by I’m a newbie in those kinds of thing. :-[

There is no order in how applications are listed under Computer Security Policy. I never thought about “rules, they are stored at beginning of the list as opposite if I create a rule by myself it is placed at the end of the list.”. I noticed D+ doing so but never gave it any thought. May be it is that we can distinguish between the CIS created and user created rules… but why that makes things easier I don’t know.

okay mate…I see your point! 88)

Thanks about that and bye,

Which are the registry keys to save the CFPv3 settings?

If you want to export setting you can use Manage My Configuration under Miscellaneous. Choose the configuration you are using and store it in a folder that is not part of the CIS or Comodo folder (this is to prevent the config being erased when uninstalling).

The registry keys are stored here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro .


Bear in mind that although the order doesn’t matter in D+ rules, they DO matter in Firewall global rules.

The firewall global rules are read top to bottom and are evaluated in that order. A BLOCK rule at the top will take priority over an equivalent ALLOW rule further down the list.

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P.S. Thanks Eric - edited accordingly. Mea culpa. :wink:

That would be for the Global Rules of the Firewall.

to EricJH
thanks for your reply.
…but the registry’s hive that you told me are to save both Firewall and Defence+ rules & settings?
I mean, do I will keep…ALL?

to panic
Hi mate and thanks for your reply too.
Actually I knew what you said about the Firewall rules but I believe it’s always better to “stick” in mind…!

Bye to both of you,
Stefano. :slight_smile:

If I recall correctly the rules are stored there. As an extra or instead of you can use the export function as well.

Hi EricJH,
okay…I’ll use both the procedures, just to be sure!

Thanks for all 88),