how can I approve bat file in multiple folders

I use a batch file which I copy to many locations on my hard drive.
It is called backmeup.bat and it looks for a directory above its current folder called BAK then

copies all files into that folder from current folder. Comodo asks every time I click on one of these

files, and every one of my 50 projects have one of these files.
Is there a way to approve backmeup.bat file by name globally so it is always approved automatically.

What version of CIS are you using? You need to use wildcards for the path to the file (something like *\backmeup.bat) and make it a Trusted Application in Defense + (v5.x)/HIPS (v6) Rules section.

Hi Eric
My version is 5.12.256249.2599
There are too many files, over 50 and growing, all in different folders. I just copy the bat file to new folder each time I make a new customer.