how can I add .reg file to windows registry

I want to add .reg file to registry, but don’t do this.

windows says “Registry editing service closed by admin”.

How can I open regedit.exe or add .reg files to registry.

(Sory for bad English)

This isn’t a Comodo issue.

I did find a blog that tells how to solve the problem.
How to Solve: Registry Editing Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator

I installed to 3 computers CIS. All of them have same problem.

When did install CIS, this message “Registry Editing Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator”. Not before, after installation.

Windows xp SP3 works on all of 3 computers.

I think that, maybe my mistake couse this problem.

and I try 2 times;

Format c,
install windows xp and sp3,

try to open regedit.exe, its OK.

install CIS,

same problem.

Thıs is not only one problem,

at the same time, task manager disabled also, but not serious for me.

Finally, I found 3 problems with CIS, after the installation (totaly 5 fitem and 3 different computers);

  1. Task manager disabled by admin,
  2. Registry editing disabled by admin,
  3. Safe mode booting not possible,(choosing safe mode in F8 menu possible of course, but system not open on safe mode, Windows restart again automaticly)

If it’s possible, Comodo’s staff investigate to my computers.