How can I add my own file groups?

Hi everyone,

I’m using the free version of Comodo Internet Security (version 5.5.x).

I’m only using the Firewall and I wonder how I can add my own file groups.

For example I now have separate rules to treat IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari as web browsers.
I wish to group them all together.

Is that possible?


Hi j0hnnyX,

Welcome to the forums.

Yes this can be done, first you need to create a file group by going to Defense+ menu, open Computer Security Policy and go to ‘Protected Files and Folders’.
Click on Groups, Add, A new group, and give it a name like ‘All Browsers’. Apply this and switch to Firewall, Network Security Policy.
Now Add, Select, File groups, ‘All Browsers’, add the rules or copy it from an existing browser rule and apply it.

That should do the job.

Thanks Ronny.