How can i add my language to Comodo Firewall?

i want create my language file(s) and add this package to COMODO product’s.

in directory:

“…\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\translations”

i have many file.

cavscan.english.lang.template cavshell.english.lang.template cfp.english.lang.template cfpconfg.english.lang.template cfplogvw.english.lang.template cfpupdat.english.lang.template

i can create a copy of these files and rename that (remove “.template” from end of name). and replace my language name with “english”. 88)

but, i have questions! ???

  1. what’s should i replace with 1033 in LANGID=“1033” ?? (in this file on edit)
  2. In this directory, many file with LANGID’s exist (1025.lang, 1026.lang, 1043.lang, …). I have not .template or example of that file for create my language file Like their. What should I do?

Check this topic

and make a contact with Alexander Suvak