How can Comodo Firewall block ping, tracert, and private network when disabled?

When I first got my Windows 8 laptop, I set up Comodo Firewall to allow access to LAN (NetBIOS over TCP/IP) and internet. Everything worked fine on both wired network and either of 2 wireless routers - one “guest” for internet access only (on one subnet), another (on a different subnet) “private” for LAN access/file and printer sharing plus internet access. Several months went by and I upgraded laptop to Windows 8.1. Suddenly, the private network was not working on the wireless connection, and I couldn’t ping or tracert anywhere and got a “General Failure.”

Problem: On the wired connection I had access to internet and LAN shares, but couldn’t ping nor tracert IP address, neither locally nor on the internet. On the private wireless network, the behavior changed even more; I couldn’t reach any of the LAN shares, and couldn’t ping or tracert anywhere, neither locally nor on the internet. Only internet access worked (via web browser). On the public router, only internet access via the browser worked; couldn’t ping or tracert there either. On the wired network, I could access network shares by typing address into Explorer, but none of the shares showed up in the explorer window.

I thought that this was a Windows 8.1 problem and posted it on a Microsoft board. A user there suggested I disable all security software; I removed the AV software instead, but that had no effect. All tests I did and scripts I ran later that were with Comodo Firewall “disabled”. When I checked processes and services, all that was running were MS services, no Comodo services or processes. Yet I still couldn’t ping or tracert, nor did I have access to my local LAN shares. Another user there suggested removing all security software. So I uninstalled Comodo firewall with Revo uninstaller and suddenly I was able to ping, tracert, access LAN shares.

How can Comodo block anything when it’s (theoretically) disabled? No recognizable Comodo services or processes were running, Windows Firewall and Defender were disabled, and yet I coulnd’t ping or tracert on ANY adapter or ANY connection, and I couldn’t access my LAN shares from the WIRELESS connection but could access them from my WIRED connection (the same router, BTW).

While I’d like to continue using the Comodo firewall, this behavior precludes that as an option for now. Anyone have any ideas what could have been happening, and what I can do to avoid this problem in the future?


Maybe you had auto detect new networks disabled


No, it detected the private network; I was able to browse the internet, just not the local network. In fact, everything worked fine when it was first set up last September. I hadn’t used the wireless in a couple of months, so I can’t say when things changed. It could have been with a Comodo update; it could have been with the update to Windows 8.1; it might have been neither of those.

But what was odd to me was that Comodo was acting a bit like a rootkit, in that it was obviously working, but no processes or services were appearing in task manager or services.msc.

On the MS forum, one person said they had formerly worked for a security software company, and that these kinds of symptoms sometimes accompanied a corrupted or damaged installation. But I’m still curious as to how it could happen that the OS couldn’t detect that the software was running…