how can CIS remove autorun.inf in my system

My computer is infected by an autorun.inf virus, it was detected and remove but still it is present in my hard drives every time I check the drives directory, it shows the autorun.inf in it. how can i remove it from my system because I am afraid to infect other computers by using USB devices.

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I would suggest you download malwarebytes and make a quick scan as a start.


where can i download malwarebytes and how can it help my computer? I actually own two computers and I am running a macaffee internet security in the other one… I dont want to infect my other computer with that virus

You can download MBAM from here. Firstly check for updates and then run a Quick scan. If quick scan doesn’t remove the infection completely, then run Full scan.

after the full scan, it will remove the autorun.inf? I am about to install a program called autorun eaters, ever heard of it? Do you think its safe?

MBAM is one of the best antispyware programs and I believe it can remove it.

Yes, Autorun Eater is made just for removing infected autorun.inf files and could also be helpful.

Thanks, I will try to do it… I hope it will fix my problem

One more question, do i have to removed my exisiting comodo internet security to run the malwarebyte? Maybe it will detect my existing anti virus as malware

No, you can install MBAM alongside CIS. Just download free version which doesn’t have real-time protection and there will be no conflicts between them.