How can CIS 5 protect some folders?

I tried using “protected files & folders” & “blocked files”, but in both cases it was possible to copy new files into those folders or delete stuff. Is it possible to use CIS 5 for protecting folders from change or deletion, but allow access (opening files)? It would be good, to have such a mode, also, when trying to change or delete stuff, to have an password query (so a password would enable the user to temporarily disable the protection).

With CIS you can’t. EDIT, yes you can →;msg435214#msg435214

The best software that you can use to protect files/folders is TrueCrypt and is free.

Hmm, ok, maybe this would be an idea for a future version? I know Truecrypt & used it, but you have to make containers & enter passwords, which isn´t exactly the idea. I´d like to protect some music folders from deleting them accidentally, but to have instant access. I know, this can be done per NTFS, but i don´t like that too much. Thanks!

Take a look here:

This can be done, put CIS D+ in Paranoid

Yeah, thanks. I already looked for stuff like that, but most software goes too far (no encryption is desired, just deletion protection) & hides the files. I will check the software anyway.

But then i couldn´t copy, move or delete any file on all hard drives & not only on the selected ones?

Put you folder you wish to protect on “protected files” group.
This should alert you for every application that tries to change stuff in that folder.

Try to avoid “blocked files”

Sorry, it doesn´t work here. D+ is in paranoid mode, the test folder added to the protected files (sort of; it will land on the bottom of the list), but i can still move or delete files inside that folder.

With what application, and what kind of permissions does that application have on D+ Computer Security Policy? It’s probably explorer.exe ?

Blocking a folder works here with Proactive Security and D+ in Safe Mode. See attached image. Neither can I copy to it.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Strange. Does this look right?

The test folder at the bottom is the only one not greyed out. I can delete it from Opus & Explorer.

Can you first try it with a folder on you real hard drive to see if it’s a drive-map issue?

The gray part is from the fact that the others are “groups” and yours is a separate addition, if you click on the groups button and create some “My Protected files group” group yours will become gray also (you have to add the group once you have created it…).

If you have Opus set as trusted or have the “Protected Files/Folder” setting set to Allow, it will have free access to modify or delete, same as Explorer. Try modifying one of the files within with an unknown/untrusted program.

i would also like to know how to do this. i have tried adding a group to the procted files and folders in d+ and it didnt work. even when d+ was in paranoid mode.

This should only be possible if you where using a “Trusted” application or made a mistake on the protected files entry.