How can an obssesive compulsive live with this?

Hi there, As you may have guessed i’m anewbie to this forum but would appreciate some feedback. About a month ago i managed to buy myself a second hand laptop (saving is a bitch) and wanted to keep said machine in good running order. My friends pc reminds me of one from the 80’s (i was there!) Anyway i’ve run comodo registry cleaner and it did what it says on the tin, i’m now left with unsafe entries and what to do with them. I’m a little o.c.d so having these entries listed with no way to not see them kinda grinds with me. Is the only solution the one i’m using which is to identify each entry and add it to my ignore list. Will this prevent me from having to look at them? Its an issue!! As for the product, like i said it does what it says on the tin and even a complete technical imbicile such as myself can use it. Who gives anything away free nowadays. Full marks to comodo.
P.s if theres any tips or tricks to add my unsafe entries quickly to my ignore list i’d love to hear them.

Thanx for your time whoever reads this.


First of all, please install last COMODO System Cleaner(you can find it on this forum). It’s a different perspective on Unsafe to delte entries. You can live with them with no problem, but to delete it you should know exactly what’s there and you are on your own.

We might document them, but it’s a huge effort as anything can be there, any app puts whatever it wants in there… :).

Links to the latest release can be found here.

Open Comodo Registry Cleaner (CRC). Go to Settings and uncheck “Scan for unsafe entries to delete”. This will prevent them from showing up in the scan list so you won’t have to worry about them in the future.