How Big..........................

How big is the safelist in CAV? It must be really huge if it does not have I.E or firefox or anything that I use, I mean when I first heard about the safelist I thought they have used all or part of the safelist in the firewall well I thought wrong. So the question is when will the safelist be updated?


Comodo will update the safelist with the next version (I am assuming), which should be released soon, no date has been specified except Comodo has said they will be releasing version 3 of the antivirus shortly after version 3 of the firewall which was just released today.


what version 3 is out of beta?

Justin, i rmb Comodo said da CAVS Alpha version will b released soon after, not da final version.

btw, i dun hold on dat, just wait 4 da best to come.