How best to setup custom firewall settings for Chrome under Windows?

This thread relates to a previous thread, Firewall blocking hundreds of Chrome outgoing UDP requests each hour. The standard “Web Browser” settings block the UDP / QUIC packets used so extensively by Chrome by default, but that produces the hundreds of firewall alerts that that OP described.

To work around this, I added a rule to the “Web Browser” settings collection allowing any incoming and outgoing UDP packets from any port to any port, which surely must be quite insecure!

So what I’m seeking here is expert guidance on how I can adjust those settings to be more secure, such as disallowing certain IPs or ports. Please advise.


ETA: I’m using Comodo Firewall v8.4 (please don’t ask me to update to v10), under 64-bit Windows 10 Pro.

This guide may/can help you:

It’s not so importent which version you have.

You need your MAC-address, you can find it in this way (no matter if Windows 7 or 10):