How are Trusted Vendors handled?

How would you place a trusted vendor in the ‘My Trusted Software Vendors’ area of CFP if they have not signed their software? I use PegasusMail v4.4.1 by David Harris of NewZealand.

I have some software too that I want to add to my list… and yes it is a pain when it doesn’t work!


The Trusted Vendors list only works for signed software. The signing process involves a reference to a web site where the signatures can be verified - the signing authority’s site, I think.

Most vendors don’t sign their software, there’s nothing CFP can do about that. :confused:

Just my opinion, ‘there should be a method of recording even unsigned software that we are using and trust.’ Of course that is really not a very safe method of operations.

But if the file’s not signed, there’s no signature to trust.

If you want to tell CFP that some files are safe, go to Denfense+ > Common tasks > My own safe files, and add what you want. You can add whole folders where programs are installed, including their subfolders if you like.


Thank you so very much for teaching me to think, one of those unfortunate members that cannot really think on my own. Really just had not even thought of doing it that way. I am also one of those very cautious ones about doing thingys like that without some guidance, have done thingys on myown before with other software and now have a problem with that other software. Loss of confidence in my own decisions, now very careful.

Have a very prosperous NewYear,

Glad to be of help. :slight_smile: Just check the program’s help if you want to learn more.