How are things going?

So has CAVS become tolerant of Outlook yet? I love the product and believe it to be the best AV out there if only it would not crash once I install Outlook, so I am having to use AOL’s free virus shield till CAVS is stable with Outlook.

I have never had any problems with the latest CAVS beta and Outlook. There again, I never had a problem with any of the earlier versions either (apart from the annoyance that the email scanner does not work with exchange server). I am aware of several other users who have no problems with CAVS and Outlook so I am confused as to why you were having problems.

CAVS is still in Beta and the latest incarnation seems to be a bit heavier on resources than previous versions. It may be better for you if you wait a while to see how the product develops, I assume the high resource usage will be reduced and that most of the ‘wrinkles’ will be ironed out when the product is finally released.