How are large files scanned?

I was wondering if (and how) Comodo Antivirus scans large files.

File size is constantly growing and currently if I try to scan a large file
(game files, video files, etc. that are a few GB in size) Comodo Antivirus
completes the scan very quickly, giving a feeling either the file was not
completely scanned or that the scan was very superficial.

Hope I am mistaken about this :o

It doesn’t scan files larger then 40 MB by default. Its not an efficient method of propagation to try to hide or spread malicious software in files that are GB in size.

I just like to scan every file that I put on my computer (no harm done only some minor time wasted) and
I have currently set the file size in the AV settings to 1024 MB max, but if such large file is scanned it is a
very quick scan (lasts only a few seconds) that was the reason I posted here.

Previously I used some other AV (a***t) and that scans lasted quite longer. I am new to the Comodo AV,
although I am using the firewall/defense part quite some years now.

Was the scan done by the resident shield or did you start a full system scan? In case of a full system scan you need to adapt the size limit in settings of the full system scan.

This was set in the Comodo Advanced Settings under Antivirus/Realtime scan.

I usually scan items by using the right-click context menu - Scan with Comodo Antivirus.

The right click scan definitely needs its own setting of the file MB.
Its dangerous to say, its clean, but it wasnt even scanned.

What if a virus IS in a larger file? Would it ever be detected?

I have exactly the same problem

Is there any way around this to ‘FORCE’ Comodo Antivirus to scan large files?


For the manual scan you will have to set the size limit under Scan Profiles for both the full system scan and quick scan.

Which setting is for right click scan?